Adam Turteltaub’s Insightful Comments on Group Dynamics and Compliance-Think

It’s a good reminder of what happens whenever group dynamics take over.  As individuals we tend to be attuned to those around us.  But when we’re in a group, we tend to get drawn into the dynamics of the group and lose track of other people, and even resentful when others intrude.   We’re too caught up in the social dynamic, and often are resentful of outside intrusions.

You can see it on a bike path, on a sidewalk when a group makes it difficult for others to get by, or in Costco when a family is so busy shopping and chatting they block the entire aisle.

Bike Path, Wood River Valley, Idaho. Photo by Adam Turteltaub
The risk in a compliance context is that people become so caught up in their immediate work group that they lose track of outside norms.  And there may be a warning here from a risk perspective:  the tighter a group in your organization is, the more likely it may be to get caught up in its own standards of behavior and less willing to follow externally imposed ones.

via On Your Left. On Your Left!

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