Cybersecurity and Investors — Join Nell Minow for a Webinar Today

There’s no doubt that cyber attacks cause real financial harm to businesses. Money can be stolen, business operations disrupted. Cyber theft can provide international competitors with years worth of valuable intellectual property or trade secrets virtually overnight, jeopardizing current and future market opportunities. Cyber attacks can seriously damage an organization’s reputation with customers and result in legal liability for the company, executives, and board members.

As companies race to protect themselves, how do investors know if the organizations they are investing in are secure?

Join Jacob Olcott, VP at BitSight, and Nell Minow, corporate governance expert and co-founder of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), for a discussion of key issues, including:

-How investors assess cybersecurity in the M&A diligence process

-What institutional shareholders want to know about cyber risks to their investments

-How shareholders can meaningfully engage with companies on cybersecurity

via Cybersecurity and Investors.

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