Lee Ballin on Bloomberg’s Sustainable Business initiative

In an interview with Ethical Corporation, Lee Ballin, Head of Sustainable Business Programs at Bloomberg, spoke about their efforts to develop financial reports and other initiatives to promote sustainability.

Today, investors examine companies with greater sophistication than ever before, and one of the new variables they consider is sustainability. They ask questions like: How sustainable are companies’ internal practices, how sustainable are their external supply chain, including the natural resources they depend on? As more and more investors demand answers to these questions, increasingly companies are going to be required to report on them and address their risks.

I also think that there is a great business opportunity in sustainability.  We are at a tipping point where our work is not only an operational efficiency and risk exercise but an opportunity for companies to leverage their core competencies and provide goods and services for a clean economy.  For Bloomberg that is providing news, data and analysis about sustainability issues that matter to our customer as well as being transparent about our own efforts as a company.

… We incorporate 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals into our sustainability strategy: no poverty (HERfinance), zero Hunger (Second Harvest Japan), Quality Education (Bloomberg Startup), Gender Equality (maternity/paternity benefits, D

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