The growing need for boardroom climate competency – Pensions & Investments

Richard Ferlauto has an excellent article about the vital importance of climate expertise on boards of directors.

Despite the anticipated rollback of climate related governmental policies such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan and limits on methane emissions by the Trump administration, investors still need to understand the risks that climate change poses to their portfolios. Unequivocal disclosures and boards equipped to manage and govern climate risk will be more important than ever. Now, however, it appears investors will not able to rely on federal regulatory standards or policy interventions to manage climate risk related to greenhouse gas emissions and the emphasis on fossil fuel production. They will be left to their devices to understand the very real financial impacts that climate issues could have on their portfolios.Regime change in Washington does nothing to affect the science and reality of increased climate risk and the need for long-term strategic planning that accounts for potentially crippling financial, ecological and technological disruptions at the companies most susceptible to climate risks.

Source: The growing need for boardroom climate competency – Pensions & Investments

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  1. This is not a matter of putting the well-being oil contaminated birds in front of American jobs. Climate change is a matter preserving a habitable planet. Think the weather is getting less predictable? It will only get worse for decades even if we act not. Sure, maybe you don’t live near the coasts, so will not be under water. What about tornadoes, floods, etc.? We can’t hide from climate change; we need to address it.


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