Conference Board: Proxy Advisory Service Firms on the Role of the Director

The Job of the Corporate Director – Perspectives of Proxy Advisory Firms

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mandarin Oriental, 1330 Maryland Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20024

Complimentary event, registration required.

Please join us for the first in a year-long series of roundtable discussions to examine what different stakeholder groups see as the “job description” for public company directors. In this first discussion, we will examine the role and expectations of directors from the perspectives of the leading proxy advisory firms.

The role of the corporate director has evolved over time, and the job has become more demanding in recent years. Structural changes in our capital markets have contributed to this. Major corporate crises and the reforms in their aftermath have also impacted what is expected of boards. The Governance Center is undertaking a year-long examination of the range of expectations of public company directors. Examining this from the perspectives of key stakeholders in the marketplace, we hope to develop a construct for how we think about the job of a director and analyze what that job entails in different situations. As with all Governance Center events, this is a special, invitation only meeting.

Scheduled List of Speakers:

  • Martha L. Carter, Ph.D., Senior Managing Director, Teneo Governance
  • Kevin E. McManus, Vice President and Director of Proxy Services, Egan-Jones Proxy Services
  • Maureen O’Brien, Director, Corporate Governance, The Marco Consulting Group
  • Katherine Rabin, Chief Executive Officer, Glass, Lewis & Co. (invited)
  • John Roe, Head of ISS Analytics, Institutional Shareholder Services (invited)
  • Howard Sherman, Executive Director and Head of Corporate Governance Business Development, MSCI ESG Research
  • Douglas Chia, Executive Director, Governance Center, The Conference Board

Register to attend.

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