ICCR Proxy Proposal Voting Guide 2018

ICCR’s proxy voting guide is an essential resource, with information on all of its members’ shareholder resolutions for the 2018 proxy season. They include 61 resolutions on climate change, 57 on inclusiveness/diversity, 45 on lobbying and political contribution disclosure, 26 on human rights/trafficking, 25 on corporate governance, 23 on environment/sustainability, 12 on health, 8 on food, 7 on water, and 2 on financial practices/risk management.  New topics this year:

Gun Safety

Paid Family Leave

Political Contributions — Cost Benefit Analysis

Risk of Lending and  Underwriting in Tar Sands Production

Senior Executive Incentives – Integrate Cyber Security Risks

Report on Board Oversight of Consumer Data Breach

Risk Oversight Committee (social media)

Responsible Tax Principles

Create Board Committee on Human Rights (glyphosate)

Supply Chain Policy on Prison Labor

Members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility are investors and fiduciaries who believe focused attention and action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices helps to mitigate risks, identify opportunities, safeguard long-term shareholder value, and build sustainable communities. For nearly 50 years, our members have engaged hundreds of corporations annually in an effort to foster improved corporate responsibility on issues such as human rights, health equity, climate change, corporate water stewardship, sustainable food production, corporate influence through lobbying, and responsible lending. 2018 Executive Summary 2018 Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide This guide presents ICCR member-sponsored resolutions — both as lead- and co-filer — for the 2018 proxy season, as of the end of January. If you are an investor, we invite you to read these proposals, review our members’ argumentation and support those resolutions you can. Bearing in mind that any abstention is counted as a vote for management by default, we strongly urge investors to practice “active ownership” and to vote all their proxies every year. ICCR members employ a variety of corporate engagement strategies in addition to the filing of resolutions; thus, the resolutions collected in this guide reflect only a portion of the full scope of our activities. To get a fuller sense of the breadth of our members’ work, visit our website, http://www.iccr.org. 2018 Proxy Season Overview Compared with this time last year, the number of resolutions filed by ICCR members dipped slightly, from 283 to 266, while the number of companies receiving resolutions this year is 180, up from 165 in 2017. We expect that a few additional filings will take place over the next several months.

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