Board Members Ditching Annual Meetings

We recommend a no vote for directors who do not show up at annual meetings without a good reason.

Some small investors who want to give a piece of their minds to big tech company directors are losing their only chance: many board members are skipping annual shareholder meetings. Companies that hold meetings online have some of the worst records for attendance.

A large portion of Alphabet Inc (GOOG), Facebook Inc (FB), Netflix Inc (NFLX) and Twitter Inc (TWTR) directors have not attended annual shareholder meetings in recent years, company records and securities filings show, in some cases in growing numbers.

Recent high-profile no-shows at the meetings – which are often the only chance “mom-and-pop” retail investors get to ask directors questions – include Alphabet Chief Executive Larry Page and Facebook (FB) Loading…board member Peter Thiel. The companies declined to discuss the absences in detail.

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  1. Good idea. I wonder what services, if any, track such attendance. Do ISS or Glass Lewis report?


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