Index funds must be activists to serve investors | Financial Times

We first made this point in the late 1980’s. If you can’t sell, you must engage. Good to see index funds catching up.

Efforts by large index fund managers to engage with public companies have recently come under attack from some business leaders. They complain that we are misusing our rights as shareholders to enforce arbitrary political or social “values” because we raise environmental, social and governance concerns with the boards of the companies in which we invest.

This completely misrepresents the mission of State Street Global Advisors and other large index fund managers. We seek long-term value for millions of ordinary investors in a world that has become increasingly obsessed with short-term results. That goal, not some political agenda, is why we have developed a rigorous, research-based shareholder engagement programme. We raise all kinds of issues with boards that might materially impact their company’s ability to generate sustainable returns over the long haul.

While our active funds can sell a company if we disagree with its executives, our index funds cannot choose the shares in which they invest. We are essentially permanent capital and cannot turn the S&P 500 into the S&P 499. That means we need to take a long-term perspective on behalf of our clients. At a time when some activist shareholders are keen on extracting short-term profits from companies, we provide a healthy and necessary counterweight.

Source: Index funds must be activists to serve investors | Financial Times

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