The Prescience of 5% of Investors: A Monsanto Case Study

Even though a proposal receives only a fraction of shareholder support, it may still be the best available opportunity to bring more foresight to investors, board, and management on an issue that may eventually prove costly to a company. Only a small portion of investors may be exercising prescience on risk management or governance issues that will, in fact, prove to be material for the long-term well-being of the company.

In the roundtable discussion and correspondence, corporate representatives have been implying that 3% or 5% of investors supporting a proposal is insignificant, such that the resubmission thresholds should be altered to disallow this minority from having the ability to require continued debate and attention to an issue on the annual proxy. Yet, recent developments at Monsanto demonstrate that a subgroup of this size may be prescient in their divergent or contrarian perspective. Allowing them to bring continuing attention and debate could mean the difference between a company that succeeds, and one which fails to take in crucial input beyond the insular boardroom and executive suites.

Source: The Prescience of 5% of Investors: A Monsanto Case Study

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