Google Uses Shell Companies, NDAs To Hide Its Tax Break Negotiations From Public

For years, Google has used anonymous LLCs to secure development deals and tax breaks with local officials, whom it then signs to broad nondisclosure agreements in an attempt to keep its role in negotiations secret for as long as possible, the Washington Post reports. The news comes days after Google announced a plan to spend $13B in 2019 on development across the U.S.

The tech giant used a shell company to negotiate a $10M tax incentive deal with officials of the Dallas suburb of Midlothian, Texas, to build a data center, the Post reports. Only once the project was officially approved by the town government was Google’s identity as the data center’s developer disclosed to the public.

Source: Google Uses Shell Companies, NDAs To Hide Its Tax Break Negotiations From Public

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  1. Alphabet is a very mixed bag. It scores #1 on The Clean200 List because data companies are huge users of fossil fuels but Alphabet has gone totally green. On the other hand, they company is an oligarchy, where public shareholders have no say because of their multi-class share structure. Being run as a kingdom, instead of as a company that actually does no evil, it also does thinks like avoid paying taxes. Going green saves them money. Tax-evasion also saves them money. It will take a lot of publicity and public pressure but this company, which does many good things, needs to improve if it is to be compatible with democracy.


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