Why Progressive Politics Matter To Corporate Governance: Forbes

Lawyer Michael Peregrine writes in Forbes about how the upcoming political season may raise more issues about the role of corporations than any other in history:

Progressive oriented politicians—including several who are running for President—are promoting a series of bold, innovative, ambitious and thoroughly controversial policies and legislative proposals intended to recast elements of the economy and address perceived social imbalances.These proposals are being injected into the 2020 political campaign and may become “litmus test” issues in individual races. They are also eliciting substantial skepticism from politicians and media on the opposite end of the policy spectrum.

The four areas he highlights are: social/environmental, health care, accountability (“these include legislative proposals for the federalization of large corporations; statutory board diversity quotas, corporate “public benefit” requirements, and the right of employees to select a portion of a corporation’s board directors”), and income/opportunity equality (which he calls “rebalanced wealth distribution”)

Source: Why Progressive Politics Matter To Corporate Governance

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