The Market Response to Business: More Long Term/Public Good Focus

Andrew Ross Sorkin reports on the sense of one of the most significant business summits, the Milkin Institute Global Conference. The theme of this year’s meeting is significant in itself: “Driving Shared Prosperity.” And so are the results of the survey showing the need for more credible business leaders and products:

Edelman’s latest “Trust Barometer: Expectations for C.E.O.s,” an online survey of over 33,000 people in 27 markets about what people want from business leaders. Here’s a sneak peek at what the study found:

76 percent of respondents said that C.E.O.s can improve society by changing their corporate policies, particularly over equal pay and discrimination.

64 percent of respondents said the business leaders they trust most know how to prioritize out-of-office time.

And note that this also outlook plays into the upcoming election as well.

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