UAW Proposal on Clawbacks Endorsed by Mylan Shareholders 

In a non-voting discussion item, shareholders supported a proposal by the United Auto Workers Retiree Medical Benefits Trust for Mylan to strengthen its clawback policy for senior executive incentive pay.The executive compensation vote is called Say on Pay. In its proxy statement, Mylan said,  “Although advisory and not binding, the Compensation Committee and the board will take into account the outcome of this vote when considering future compensation arrangements for Mylan’s executive officers.”

Source: WV MetroNews Incentive pay part of Mylan’s annual meeting – WV MetroNews

Here is the discussion item from the proxy: RESOLVED, that shareholders of Mylan N.V. (“Mylan”) urge the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors (the “Committee”) to amend Mylan’s clawback policy to provide that the Committee will (a) review, and determine whether to seek recoupment of, incentive compensation paid, granted or awarded to a senior executive if, in the Committee’s judgment, (i) there has been misconduct resulting in a material violation of law or Mylan policy that causes significant financial or reputational harm to Mylan, and (ii) the senior executive committed the misconduct or failed in his or her responsibility to manage or monitor conduct or risks; and (b) disclose the circumstances of any recoupment if (i) required by law or regulation or (ii) the Committee determines that disclosure is in the best interests of Mylan and its shareholders.

“Recoupment” is (a) recovery of compensation already paid and (b) forfeiture, recapture, reduction or cancellation of amounts awarded or granted over which Mylan retains control. These amendments should operate prospectively and be implemented in a way that does not violate any contract, compensation plan, law or regulation.

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