Public Funds Forum 2019: Rod Rosenstein, John Kasich, and the Theranos Whistleblower

This year’s Public Funds Forum will take place September 3-5, in Park City Utah. If you are a pension fund official or trustee and would like to attend, let us know as we may still have a few spaces open. Our presenters will include: John Kasich, Governor of Ohio (2011-2019) & CNN Senior Political Commentator, Tyler Shultz, Theranos Whistleblower & Entrepreneur, and Rod Rosenstein, U.S. Deputy Attorney General (2017-2019). Also on the agenda: Dr. Raj Thamotheram on “preventable surprises,” the state treasurers of Rhode Island, Maine, North Dakota, and Utah on the outlook for public pension funds, Bruce Freed, Tim Smith, and Wil Schroder on dark money, fake news, and front groups, and presentations on sustainable investing and climate change and on fund governance.

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