Corporate Leaders Speak Out Against the Muslim Ban

Corporate leaders have spoken out on gun safety and emissions standards, and now call on the government to put an end to the restrictions on Muslim immigration. The most striking sentence in the letter: “Nearly half of the top 100 companies on the Fortune 500 list were started by an immigrant or their children.”

Global mobility is critical to businesses whose customers, suppliers, users, and workforces are spread all around the world. With the ban in place, it is more difficult for companies to conduct business in the United States. Additionally, the ban hurts America’s global reputation and separates families. The ban not only limits our ability to prosper, but also undermines America’s core value: inclusivity. The No Ban Act will provide relief to American businesses and the families impacted, dismantle policies of hate, and give some certainty that this will not happen again.

The travel limitations set by the travel ban make it challenging for U.S. workers to travel for work, leading to missed opportunities for employees to develop new skills and contribute to company growth. Additionally, U.S. companies are less likely to attract global talent when those seeking work know they will have a harder time traveling internationally while working for an American company.

With limitations set on who we allow into the country, we are sending an unwelcoming message to the rest of the world, making it more difficult for the United States to attract diverse and top talent.


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