CalPERS Votes Against Pay at 1,195 Firms – Corporate Governance

Jim McRitchie reports on CalPERS votes against pay plans:

Equilar announced, in partnership with CalPERS, the release of the CalPERS P4P Scorecard in Equilar Insight, the leading executive compensation benchmarking software solution. The release of the new scorecard is an extension of the five-year realizable pay calculation CalPERS and Equilar released earlier this year. Said Simiso Nzima, Investment Director & Head of Corporate Governance at CalPERS:

We introduced our proprietary five-year quantitative pay for performance model in March 2019. Today we introduce our CEO and Shareholder Financial Outcomes Analysis to enable us to compare the financial experiences of the CEO to those of shareholders, over a five-year period.

CalPERS, the largest US pension fund which manages more than $380 billion in assets, has already started implementing its new compensation framework. In an effort to drive more accountability and improved pay for performance alignment, CalPERS reports voting against 53% of compensation plans at portfolio companies during the 2019 proxy season. Additionally, CalPERS posted its Executive Compensation Analysis Framework on its website to provide total transparency to its portfolio companies regarding its pay for performance evaluation.

via CalPERS Votes Against Pay at 1,195 Firms – Corporate Governance

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