ATT Uses COVID-19 To Silence Shareholder

There is simply no excuse for not allowing a shareholder to speak on behalf of his proposal at an annual meeting, whether in person or virtual. A letter from ATT to the shareholder who submitted a shareholder proposal:

To protect our stockholders during the current COVOID-19 pandemic, AT&T Inc. has changed the location of the 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders to a virtual meeting. Information on the virtual meeting may be found at WWW.ATTPROXY.COM .

As a proponent, you will not need to come to Dallas to present your proposal. Instead, the company will bring your proposal before the meeting for you. As you know, all stockholders have been apprised of your proposal via our proxy materials and have had the opportunity to read your proposal in full. If you would also like us to read a statement from you at the meeting summarizing your proposal, please send it to me by April 21, 2020. The statement may not be longer than 100 words, must be relevant to the proposal, and of course, may not otherwise be inappropriate. There will not be a dial-in number.

Thank you for your support of our business during this remarkable time in our Company’s history.

Wayne Wirtz

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