CERES Ties Governance to Environment

From Ceres, a new report called Blueprint for Responsible Policy Engagement on Climate Change. The full report is below. An excerpt:

Companies that establish robust governance systems to address climate change as a systemic risk and align their direct and indirect lobbying efforts to support science-based climate policies will drive the creation of a regulatory environment that best positions them for resilient growth.
To do this, we call on companies to:

  • ASSESS the impact of climate change to the company, including the ways in which its lobbying efforts on climate change serve to exacerbate or mitigate these risks
    • –  Assess the risk that climate change poses to the company
    • –  Conduct an internal audit of direct and indirect lobbying positions on climate change
  • GOVERN to systematize decision-making on climate change across the company, including in all directand indirect lobbying
    • –  Systematize decision-making on public policy engagement on climate change
    • –  Engage the board on climate policy
  • ACT to align both direct and indirect lobbying with science-based climate policies
    • –  Publicly state that the company supports science-based climate policies
    • –  Directly lobby for science-based climate policies
    • –  Engage with trade associations on aligning their lobbying with climate scienceComprehensive and urgent corporate action on climate change is vital if we are to achieve a stable climate and mitigate the devastating impacts of global climate change. But we cannot tackle climate change without strong, science-based climate policies. Companies must urgently and proactively align all elements of their efforts, including direct and indirect lobbying on climate change, with climate science.

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