Boohoo Group PLC vows to rectify failings but margins remain a question

Boohoo Group PLC (LON:BOO) has vowed to address its corporate governance responsibilities after an independent review confirmed poor working conditions and low rates of pay in its supply chain. The report found that Its senior directors “knew for a fact that there were very serious issues about the treatment of factory workers in Leicester and whilst it put in place a programme intended to remedy this, it did not move quickly enough”. READ: boohoo sees working practices slammed in independent report Boohoo’s solutions To address the issues in Leicester, Boohoo said on Friday it would engage with new ethical and sustainable suppliers (maintaining “a significant presence” in the Leicester garment industry) publish a list of audited UK partners annually and working more closely with them to ask a more predictable flow of orders, among other measures. It will also appoint two new non-executive directors with experience in environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, set up new committees to better monitor its operations as well as providing support for the workers of Leicester.

Boohoo Group PLC vows to rectify failings but margins remain a question

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