Trump, the Coup, and Corporate Ethics – Radical Compliance

Corporate America might be hoping that the difficult issues raised by President Trump’s attempted coup this week and the remaining days of his term will somehow pass them by. Too bad.  What Trump has unleashed isn’t something businesses will be able to avoid. In several practical ways, dealing with Trump and his minions — both right now, and after Trump leaves office — is going to require new corporate policies, and test corporate culture like never before… My point is this: companies will need clear, strong policies and procedures to handle Trump and Trumpers in the future. Those amoral political urges aren’t going away any time soon. So while I approve of Shopify, Facebook, and Twitter de-platforming the insecure tyrant that Trump is (long overdue, I’d say), this is not the last time companies will go through this. We will still have that pathetic 35 percent raising hell against corporate decisions to oppose Trump and support America. So you’ll need clear criteria, ample evidence, and rock-solid commitment to upholding American ethical values no matter how loud the loudmouths might get.

Trump, the Coup, and Corporate Ethics – Radical Compliance


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