Record Shareholder Votes on ESG Proposals: As You Sow

As You Sow reports:

81% of DuPont shareholders want action on plastic pellet pollution! This vote is the highest ever shareholder vote on an environmental resolution opposed by company management. Pre-production plastic pellets are the 2nd largest source of ocean plastic pollution.

98% of General Electric shareholders voted in support of our resolution on the company’s plans to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across all its businesses. GE’s Board supported the resolution, an unusual and commendable move.

60% of American Express shareholders supported our resolution to improve AmEx’s workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices.

54% of independent Berkshire Hathaway shareholders voted in favor of our resolution on its workforce DEI practices. (This was a 27%-in-favor vote; 54% after accounting for Warren Buffet’s own holdings.)

Investors are showing up in a way we’ve never seen before, and demanding action.

“Heads I win, Tails I Win Almost as Much”


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