NYU Stern’s free “ESG study” database – ESG Professionals Network

NYU’s immeasurably comprehensive and instantly indispensable database includes 1400 ESG-related studies and provides the following vital conclusions:

Time Matters – Improved financial performance due to ESG becomes more noticeable over longer time horizons.

Investment Strategy Beats Negative Screening – ESG integration as an investment strategy performs better than negative screening approaches.

Downside Protection – ESG investing provides downside protection, especially during a social or economic crisis.

Leads to More Innovation & Risk Management – Sustainability initiatives at corporations appear to drive better financial performance due to mediating factors such as improved risk management and more innovation.

Low-Carbon is Key – Managing for a low-carbon future improves financial performance.

Strategy Matters – ESG disclosure without an accompanying strategy does not drive financial performance.

NYU Stern’s free “ESG study” database – ESG Professionals Network

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