The Economic Rationale to Invest in Nature

The World Bank supports investment in “nature” with a series of supporting research linked to in the report.

Our biodiverse planet is threatened by an unprecedented transformation and exploitation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems – caused mostly by human activities. The upcoming 15th Conference of Parties (COP-15) of the Convention on Biological Diversity, offers an opportunity to reverse this biodiversity and ecosystem services loss as governments agree to a new Global Biodiversity Framework.

The World Bank Group is supporting the development of this Framework through a series of research papers which complement the World Bank’s operations and engagement on biodiversity and ecosystems. These papers include an approach paper, Unlocking Nature-Smart Development; The Economic Case for Nature, which uses a unique modeling technique to estimate the cost of inaction and policies that could help reverse ecosystem services loss; a second paper called Mobilizing Private Finance for Nature and a third that examines the value of protected areas in promoting sustainable tourism.

The Economic Rationale to Invest in Nature

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