Korn-Ferry: Advice to Boards About ESG

Korn-Ferry tells boards that ESG is here, it is their responsibility, and that clear communication and outreach are essential.

• ESG and sustainability is a board level topic. It is growing in importance and urgency and isn’t going away anytime soon.

• It is a significant risk management issue, yet it also offers new growth opportunities.

• Investors, shareholders, activists, lenders, regulators, customers and employees are asking questions, expecting answers, and taking action when there is an inadequate response.

• To avoid ESG being seen as “greenwashing,” it needs to be integrated into strategy
and risk management, so it transforms
the way the organization operates.

• As a communication challenge,
it requires careful planning and execution.

• For most organizations, the importance of ESG merits tying a portion of senior leader rewards to success.

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