The Corporate Campaign Against Pandemic Protections

The Daily Poster reports on corporate opposition to basic protections for workers with a link to the 13-page comment filed by the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of 51 trade associations.

While the White House and many economists have argued that the vaccine mandate will “promote a faster and stronger economic recovery,” powerful business interests don’t want the public health policy — as demonstrated by a deluge of comments submitted to federal agencies by corporate lobbying groups and reviewed by The Daily Poster.

The corporate opposition campaign comes amid data showing workplaces have become pandemic hotspots. As just one example: A study last year found that meatpacking plants accounted for more than 300,000 COVID-19 cases. If the industry groups are successful, many Americans could end up in workplaces with no vaccine or testing mandates, and virtually no protections at all. Across the country, 27 states have no sick leave laws and have passed laws broadly shielding businesses from COVID-related health and safety lawsuits.

The Corporate Campaign Against Pandemic Protections

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