Board Members Called to Testify Before House panel Investigating Climate Disinformation by Big Oil – The Washington Post

A House committee investigating climate change has followed its call for testimony by fossil fuel company executives with another hearing, this one with members of the boards of directors

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform has broadened its investigation into the role of fossil fuel companies in misleading the public about climate change, asking members of the boards of directors of ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron and Shell Oil to testify before Congress next month about their firms’ commitments to curbing global warming.

The move by the powerful Oversight Committee comes as Senate Democrats struggle to pass sweeping climate and social spending legislation. President Biden acknowledged Wednesday that further cuts to his Build Back Better proposal may be necessary, and climate-fueled extreme weather events are intensifying around the country.

Oversight panel members previously grilled the CEOs of the four oil and gas companies, as well as two trade associations they fund, at a historic six-hour hearing in October. The proceedings grew heated at times as Democrats argued that the oil industry has deceived the public for decades about the perils of burning fossil fuels, which releases large quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are dangerously warming Earth.

House panel broadens probe into climate disinformation by Big Oil – The Washington Post

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