Hiltzik: Disney loses its grip over Florida politicians – Los Angeles Times

DeSantis and his fellows are threatening to revoke Disney’s near-dictatorial control over the 43-square-mile site of Walt Disney World and its related theme parks and resorts outside Orlando, the product of a deal that Florida’s then-Republican governor, Claude Kirk, signed into law in 1967.

Is this threat plausible? That hinges on the question of whether Florida’s Republicans are so obstinate about appealing to the most conservative wing of their political base by campaigning against Disney’s perceived “wokeness” that they will risk slaying the golden goose that the company has been for them.

You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times.“Right now it’s a shot across Disney’s bow, a warning to ‘stay in your lane,’” says Aubrey Jewett, a political scientist at the University of Central Florida who has followed the relationship between Disney and Florida for years.“The chances of its going forward are pretty slim, but I don’t think the chances are zero,” Jewett told me. “In the last few years, the Republican Party in Florida has changed from a pro-business party to one where the Trump social conservative wing is in ascendance.”

Hiltzik: Disney loses its grip over Florida politicians – Los Angeles Times

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