GOP Members of Congress Pressure Twitter on Musk Offer

The Republican party, which once prided itself on being the party of free market economics and support for business and deregulation (VEA Chair Robert A.G. Monks and Vice Chair Nell Minow worked on President Reagan’s Task Force on Regulatory Relief) has become the party of government intrusion on business, the nanny state. if the nanny was Hannibal Lecter. Here Members of Congress write to the board of Twitter to threaten legislative restrictions if they do not cooperate with Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company. Fiduciary obligation for board members. requires procedural steps and outside fairness opinions, but these Members of Congress do not need any of that, or any proof of shareholder value in what they are pushing for; they make it clear it is about the (again, unproven and in this case unprovable) access to social media for conservative voices.

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