Intel CEO salary: Shareholders vote against executive pay program | Fortune

Around 1.78 billion votes, making up around 54.2% of shareholders of the chip-manufacturing giant, were cast against the executive compensation, while 932 million votes were made in favor. Around 577 million votes abstained or were broker nonvotes.

The vote is advisory and won’t take immediate effect, but it indicates that a growing number of stockholders are pushing back on hefty executive compensation packages at Intel, which beat first-quarter results targets, but forecast lower growth for the second quarter. The vote also puts keener scrutiny on CEO Pat Gelsinger and his $43.5 billion plan to revive Intel, which includes a €33 billion European spending spree to expand Intel’s presence across the bloc and ease the semiconductor chip shortage.

The filing revealed that Alyssa Henry, an executive vice president at Square and 57th richest self-made woman, according to Forbes, was kept on Intel’s board of directors by a narrow margin. While 1.36 million stockholders voted to keep her on as an Intel director, 1.34 million voted to kick her off—a rare close tally in a shareholder vote.

“We take our investors’ feedback very seriously, and we are committed to engaging with them and addressing their concerns,” Intel said in a statement to Fortune. The company added that it has taken specific steps to address investor questions and to clearly link pay to performance, but added that “there is clearly more work to do.”

The company also said, “Intel’s Board of Directors will work with Alyssa Henry to address the over-boarding concerns raised by stockholders.”

Intel CEO salary: Shareholders vote against executive pay program | Fortune

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