The ‘G’ In ESG: Exploring the impact of corporate governance

Despite this, ESG goes beyond an isolated consideration of ‘E’ and ‘S’. In fact, by leaving governance factors out of the decision-making process altogether, organisations risk missing a crucial opportunity to fully leverage the power that comes with embedding sound corporate governance and risk management systems into their corporate pillars.This can spell disaster in a world where failing to act on governance matters – and omitting a holistic ESG consciousness – could induce implications for the financial performance of an organisation, as well as those investing in its future.

On the flipside, getting the governance proposition right can present an opportunity for companies to drive sustainable, long-term value creation.

As boards enter the financial disclosure period for 2022, three certainties are apparent. The world continues to evolve rapidly, new generations of investors are influencing the investment sector like never before, and technology has an immense role to play.

The ‘G’ In ESG: Exploring the impact of corporate governance

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