Global Clean Energy Forum Announces Investment in Climate-Safe Technology

Massive international support for new climate-safe technologies will have a major impact on fossil fuel companies and those working on innovative alternatives.

  • $94BN for Clean Energy Technology Demonstrations: Responding to President Biden’s challenge to mobilize $90BN in public funding by 2026 for demonstrating clean energy technologies, 16 countries delivered $94 billion to GCEAF exceeding and achieving this goal four years early. The IEA assessed this level of funding is needed to complete a portfolio of large-scale demonstration projects this decade to bring to market the technologies required to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The United States is devoting $21.9 billion to clean energy demonstrations. Governments contributing to the Challenge included: Australia, Canada, European Commission, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.
  • Launch of the Zero-Emissions Government Fleet Declaration: Launched by the United States under the CEM’s Electric Vehicle Initiative, signatory governments committed to 100% zero-emission light-duty vehicle acquisitions of their government owned and operated fleet – and announced aspirations towards 100% zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicle acquisitions – by no later than 2035. Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, and Norway joined the declaration. READ more.

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