What Should the News Corp Board Do Now?

Oliver Darcy of CNN asked Yale professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld how the News Corp board should respond to revelations from the depositions of Rupert Murdoch and others that insiders knew the allegations of a rigged or stolen Presidential election were false but did not say so on air for fear of losing viewers. He called on the board to fire some of the executives and raised concerns about the statement by board member Paul Ryan that raising concerns was adequate.

VEA Vice Chair Nell Minow provided some comments, too.

Nell Minow, vice chair at ValueEdge Advisors and expert on corporate governance, told me she agreed with everything that Sonnenfeld said. Minow said that she would tell concerned board members to “contact their largest shareholders to hear their suggestions for new independent directors.” Minow also recommended Fox News immediately move to settle its case with Dominion, “even if it means changing the name from News to Not News and daily free ads 10 times a day in prime time for 10 years about the integrity and reliability of Dominion.” 

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