This is What Regulatory Risk Means

ISS has a new report on likely regulations that will affect risk assessment for investors.

Regulators are increasing their scrutiny of corporate supply chains, pressing companies to take more responsibility for modern slavery, human rights abuses and environmental harm caused along their entire value chain. While some national rules impose hefty fines for non-compliance, others are voluntary or incentives-based, meaning that pressure isn’t being applied equally across the global corporate landscape. Nearly half of the publicly traded companies worldwide haven’t expressed a commitment to prohibiting the use of forced labor.

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  1. Fab
    Great blog post! It’s eye-opening to see how much regulatory pressure is being applied to companies regarding their supply chains. My question is, what steps can companies take to ensure they’re meeting these regulations and showing their commitment to prohibiting forced labor? Great job on the article, I look forward to your response!
    John O’Reilly


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