About Us

Co-founded by corporate governance leaders Robert A.G. Monks and Richard A. Bennett, ValueEdge Advisors was created in summer 2014 to help institutional investors engage effectively as owners with their portfolio companies.  In so doing, ValueEdge Advisors has developed expertise in a range of activities, such as:

  • Convening constructive dialogue between institutional owners and corporations
  • Assisting public pension funds in crafting ESG integration policies and practices
  • Developing remedies to repair corporate governance of companies in the settlement of securities litigation
  • Identifying director candidates for institutions to nominate to improve board composition and performance
  • Using shareowner proposals and other tools to push productive engagement between institutions and company management
  • Leading conferences for institutional fiduciaries to keep abreast of emerging trends and cutting-edge developments in corporate governance
  • Advocating for corporate governance best practices before senior U.S. and U.K. policymakers

ValueEdge Advisors have had leading roles in founding, owning and successfully managing proxy advisory firms, activist investment funds, ESG research companies, and governance consultancies, as well as personal experience as directors and officers of public and private companies.  ValueEdge Advisors have extensive experience in politics and policymaking, including serving in senior elected and appointed positions in government.