Activist/Impact Investing: Zevin Asset Management

Zevin Asset Management issued a new report about its activist initiatives.  An excerpt (emphasis added): When Congress failed to respond to the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, the conversation shifted to whether financial companies would act to address risks. In March, Zevin Asset Management joined with other investors to denounce gun violence and define the…

Disclosure Is About Risks And Opportunities, Not Politics

Felicia Jackson writes in Forbes: Climate and environmental information reporting is becoming mainstream. The focus on risk disclosure means it doesn’t matter whether you believe in climate change or not – what matters is transparency about corporate risk.As Richard Samans, Chairman, CDSB and Managing Director, Head of Policy and Institutional Impact at the World Economic…

Climate risk: Running out of time | Magazine | IPE

• Climate change is an existential risk whose elimination must become a corporate objective • Scenario analysis can be a powerful tool but can distract investors from engagement • Corporates need plans that address climate risk and outline moves to a low-carbon economy Source: Climate risk: Running out of time | Magazine | IPE

Spring Awakening: Notes from This Year’s CII Meeting

VEA Vice Chair Nell Minow reports on the Harvard Law School Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation Blog about CII’s spring meeting. The theme I heard most often at the annual spring meeting of the Council of Institutional Investors was ESG: environmental/social/governance risks and investment opportunities. The issues of how best to understand ESG and factor…

Exxon sees global oil demand plunging by 2040 under climate regulations

Exxon Mobil Corp said on Friday that it expects global oil demand to drop sharply by 2040 if regulations aimed at limiting the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on climate are fully implemented….But Exxon stopped short of laying out how efforts to limit carbon emissions could impact its business, data long sought by some shareholders….