VEA Vice Chair Nell Minow Named As One of GPW’s 10 Most “Salutary” Corporate Governance Influences in 2018

We are delighted to announce that our Vice Chair, Nell Minow, has been named by Global Proxy Watch as one of the 10 most important influences on corporate governance in the world this year, along with VEA friends Sophie L’Helias, Christy Wood, and Cindy Fornelli.

GPW says:Nell Minow eloquently called out the NAM campaign against shareowner interests through its so-called Main Street Investor Coalition.

Source: 2018 GPW 10: Corporate Governance Impact – Corporate Governance

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  1. McRitchie says:

    Although Nell is basically a lifetime achievement winner, she has not rested on her laurels. Her work in exposing the lies and conflicts of interest in the fake “Main Street Investors Coalition” has been critical in destroying their credibility. Like the Russians during the 2016 election cycle, this group, funded by corporate managers, largely depends on Facebook ads, other social media and a network of white shoe lobbysts to sow misinformation.


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