Corporations send large donations to GOP group behind abortion bans and voter suppression

Judd Legum’s Popular Information reports on the corporations that claim to support women’s rights and voting rights but make political contributions to elected officials opposing them. These companies include Google, Comcast/NBC/Universal, CVS, Citi, ATT, and Anhauser Busch.

In 2021, Republican-controlled state legislatures imposed a bevy of radical policies on millions of Americans. This was especially pronounced in two areas: abortion and voting rights…The new laws, inspired by Trump’s lies about voter fraud, restrict mail-in voting, limit drop boxes, and reduce the number of hours available for early voting.  None of this would be possible without the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC). The RSLC bills itself as “the largest organization of Republican state leaders in the country” that helps “deliver wins for Republican state legislators.” It helps Republicans gain control of state legislatures through direct financial support, research assistance, campaign strategy, and policy development.

The group says that it “consistently delivered positive results by targeting national resources to support state races” and takes credit for the fact that “Republicans currently hold majorities in 61 of 99 state legislative chambers.”

Nevertheless, numerous corporations that publicly declare their commitment to women’s equality and voting rights donated large sums to the RSLC in 2021. The information was buried in a 10,055 page PDF that the RSLC filed with the IRS on Monday.  [Emphasis added]

Corporations send large donations to GOP group behind abortion bans and voter suppression

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