Shareholders Vote Yes on Pay, No on Shareholder Proposals at Amazon

At its annual meeting for shareholders, Amazon’s investors approved a more than $212 million payout for CEO Andy Jassy [despite recommendations against from ISS and Glass-Lewis and a pay ratio of 6000/1] and voted against 15 proposals asking the company to report on worker safety, climate goals, pay rates, use of its face recognition technology and its stance on workers’ right to unionize.

“We’re going to continue to do our part,” Jassy told shareholders Wednesday. “Making our customers’ lives better and easier every day, inventing to make it so and taking care of our employees and communities along the way.” 

Four people who work in Amazon’s warehouses also spoke to shareholders Wednesday, asking for support on resolutions that would require Amazon to consider placing an hourly employee on its board of directors, state its support for workers’ right to form unions and provide a detailed report on working conditions in its distribution centers.“Here’s the bottom line, I am a loyal Amazon worker who, like shareholders gathered here, very much wants our company to succeed,” said Angelika Maldonado, vice president of Amazon Labor Union. “We all believe it is time that Amazon management gets back on track and runs a successful business.” 

The Seattle Times

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