Ridiculous Headline: “Andy Jassy 2022 Pay Falls to $1.3M” – The Hollywood Reporter

It’s idiotic to say that the Amazon CEO’s pay “fell” just because he didn’t get ANOTHER $200 million stock grant and the one he got in 2021 is worth less now because the stock has not done well. Like the stock of everyone else who owns the stock.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy saw his 2022 compensation crater in 2022, with a massive stock award he received in 2021 making up the backbone of his long-term Amazon renumeration.

According to Amazon’s annual proxy filing, which the company filed Thursday morning, Jassy was paid $1.3 million in 2022, including a $317,500 salary (that is famously the maximum base salary any employee at the company can receive). The remaining $981,000 included company personal security costs, travel costs, and company contributions to his 401K plan.

In 2021 Jassy received a stock grant valued at more than $200 million tied to his promotion to CEO, with the shares vesting over 10 years. “This award is designed to establish a long-term owner’s perspective and encourage bold, long-term initiatives, in the same manner that Mr. Bezos’s shares as founder incentivized him to focus on long-term, expansive growth, and is intended to represent most of Mr. Jassy’s compensation for the coming years,” Amazon’s board wrote in the new proxy.

Andy Jassy 2022 Pay Falls to $1.3M, Amazon Pays Jeff Bezos $1.6M – The Hollywood Reporter

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