Climate Governance Initiative | World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum has developed a set of Climate Governance Principles for boards of directors, with a view to enabling non-executive directors (NEDs)to gain climate awareness and skills, embed climate considerations into board decision-making, and understand and act upon the risks and opportunities that the climate emergency poses to the long-term resilience and business success of their companies, while taking into account all stakeholders.

A critical element in ensuring that businesses are appropriately positioned to confront the challenges posed by the climate emergency is the role that boards of directors play in the long-term stewardship of the companies they oversee. To fulfil their fiduciary duties in the long-term service of their organizations, boards need to be fully aware of the implications of climate change, have the skills, tools, processes and information to act, and commit to steward their companies through the challenges climate change entails to embed it within their companies’ strategic planning.

Climate Governance Initiative | World Economic Forum

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